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Vanguard is lost at sea, but we can’t just watch this ship go down because too many of us are on it. Join a growing network that includes Vanguard employees and customers who are pushing the quiet giant to stop investing in climate chaos.

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Tell Vanguard to Stop Financing Human Rights Abuses Through Oil Company Petroperú!

For decades, the Indigenous Achuar and Wampis peoples of the Peruvian Amazon have fought back against oil companies attempting to drill on their territories without the Free, Prior, and Informed Consent of their communities. The most recent of these attempts is being made by the state-owned oil company, Petroperú. Sign the open letter to Vanguard telling it to stop financing human rights abuses in the Peruvian Amazon through investments in Petroperú.

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Are you a Vanguard customer?

Visit our sister campaign, FixMyFunds, which is directed at people who invest with Vanguard. Many economists are saying that the climate crisis will cause the next big financial crisis. We need the financial institutions managing our investments and retirement funds — like Vanguard, Fidelity, and BlackRock — to stop funneling money into the companies responsible for the climate crisis.

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Vanguard S.O.S.

Send a letter to Vanguard on its failure to uphold its fiduciary duty

Vanguard’s customers are trusting the asset manager with their futures, and Vanguard is failing to do its job to actively navigate the growing financial risks posed by fossil fuels and climate change on behalf of its customers. That’s why we’re calling on Vanguard customers to speak up. Join us by filling out this form to send the firm a letter detailing how it has failed to live up to its fiduciary duty by not taking action on climate.

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Vanguard S.O.S.

Send a fax to Vanguard headquarters

Use this form to send a fax to Vanguard urging the company’s leadership to take meaningful action to reduce climate risk and offer truly climate-safe funds. Our tool makes sending a fax as easy as sending an email; no fax machine required to participate.

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ACRE Campaigns

Message Vanguard to demand new leadership

Vanguard’s board of directors operates without sufficient transparency and accountability to its clients and the communities its investments harm the most. The time is long overdue for Vanguard to stop and repair the damage it has financed. Use this form created by our partners at ACRE campaigns to send a message to Vanguard's staff and board.

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Asset Manager Wake Up Call

Sign up for the Asset Manager Wake Up Call newsletter

Interested in learning more about asset managers’ role in driving the climate crisis and how you can help address it? Join the network of thousands across the world who believe financial institutions have an obligation to do better on climate. Sign up here for the Asset Manager Wake Up Call newsletter to get updates from BlackRock’s Big Problem, Vanguard S.O.S. and other related campaigns!

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